A Peek Inside Mercer FRC

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Summer 2018: Issue 26

Mercer FRC and NCPC held its 10th Annual Family Day and served over 1,200 people. YEC participated in #WyAmplify and helped teens find identify their passions and interests. Mercer FRC was awarded the 21st CCLC grant in partnership with VIBES and The Science Zone. Finally, the 2018 Dancing with the Stars participants are announced!

Winter 2018: Issue 25

Mercer FRC is changing to a Mid-year newsletter. 
This issue goes more indepth on our annual fundraiser, Dancing with the Stars of Casper, 2017. We review our staff changes and some of the upcoming events for Mercer FRC. Finally we say thank you to some of our longest supporters and staff.


Fall 2017: Issue 24

Mercer FRC wrapped up Quarter 1 (July 1, 2017- Sept. 30, 2017) with 246 clients receiving direct services, 2,496 direct service hours and 1,090 prevention and awareness hours. Mercer FRC also held its annual fundraiser Dancing with the Stars of Casper, 2017.