Mission Statement:

Mercer Family Resource Center provides education, counseling, and prevention services that build stronger and healthier youth and families in our community. 

Vision Statement:

A unified community with strong families and healthy youth.

Value Statements:

  1. We value the structure, internal relationships, and uniqueness of each family.

  2. We value the physical and emotional health and well-being of each youth, adult, and family in our community.

  3. We believe in the inherent goodness of all youth, adults, and families and in their ability to make healthy choices and positive change.

  4. We value our board and staff commitment to timely intervention and programming that address youth and families in need or in crisis in our community.

  5. We value our agency's internal relationships and collaborations with partner agencies and the community in order to provide professional services.

Mercer Family Resource Center programs are proactive, impactful, and accessible to anyone in the community!

Our Story

The 425 CY Ave. House. Photo by: Debbie Huber

Mercer House, Inc. (formerly Drug Abuse Resources) was developed in 1971 by a group of Casper parents and professionals who felt there was a need for a program which addressed family issues, with its primary attention initially towards substance abuse prevention amongst youth.

In 1971, the Mercer family sold their house at 425 CY Avenue to Drug Abuse Resources, Inc. to be used for offices. In 1973, the name was changed to Mercer House, Inc.  The house at 435 CY Ave. was purchased shortly after, and in 1998 during Nancy Johnson's tenure as Director, the McMurry family donated the house located at 441 CY Ave. Administrative and counseling offices were housed in the main building at 425 CY Ave. Counseling and direct service program offices expanded into the two houses next door and eventually to downtown offices in 2007.  "Mercer House, Inc." conducted business as a non-profit agency at the CY properties for 39 years. 

In 2010, the Board of Directors determined it was time to vacate the historic landmark of the CY Ave. house, which was constructed in 1911, and began searching for a new building to better serve the ever-changing needs of clients and staff.  Years of discussion and meetings involving board members, staff, architects, and community members culminated when a new building was purchased.  On November 3, 2010, Mercer House moved to its new location at 535 W. Yellowstone Hwy, changed its name to Mercer Family Resource Center, Inc. and reopened its doors to new hopes and dreams for its clients and Staff.

The Mercer Family Resource Center tree logo still represents the strength of family.  In order to maintain a healthy family, like the tree, the family must be firmly rooted and all its branches must receive proper care.  As a tree strikes new buds and strengthens each spring, a family can find new encouragement and strength from the programs offered at Mercer Family Resource Center.