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The Youth Empowerment Council (Y.E.C.) is definitely not your average volunteer group.  Our main goal is to help improve the community around us, but Y.E.C. is so much more than that.  This program is mainly run by the youth themselves.

  • The youth choose events and projects to sponsor that they believe need change in a positive way.

  • Y.E.C. provides a safe place for youth to congregate, and gives them a voice in our community.

  • We, the members of Y.E.C., would love to keep expanding our group and continue our success in making the community better for everyone.

We love new members and invite anyone interested to join us for a meeting.  Meetings are held every Thursday night from 7:00PM-8:00PM on the top floor of Mercer Family Resource Center (535 W. Yellowstone). 

Brittlynn Bulgrin 307-233-4277
Felicia Cummings 307-233-4265

Please fill out the following form before your first YEC meeting: YEC Participation Packet

Y.E.C. Subcommittees

Pro Social

This committee is responsible for providing drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free events for teens.  These events are typically free to attend or are used as fundraisers benefitting different charities in our community. 


This program gives youth other opportunities to find out what really gets them excited such as outdoor activities, sports, arts, music, science, or literature. This program will help guide them in finding their “go to” hobby. The main goal of #WYAmplify is that youth are choosing to stay away from drugs, because they have found something that they can do that they truly enjoy.


B.A.T (Bulling Awareness Team)

With the advancements in technology, the already increasing issue of bullying has skyrocketed. The bullying committee’s main goal is to raise awareness in the school district of the harmful effects of bullying.  The first step to preventing bullying is by providing knowledge to our community.  Recently, we began conducting peer to peer presentations.  The committee is also trying to bring awareness to adult audiences.

S.P.A.T. (Suicide Prevention Awareness Team)

The Suicide Prevention Awareness Team is a group of teens that volunteer to speak at different schools, for all grade levels, about suicide prevention.  S.P.A.T. also serves county wide with the Natrona County Suicide Prevention Task Force.  Since Wyoming has one of the highest suicide rates among teens, this is an important topic to inform youth and adults.