NEW! The Nurtured Heart Approach®

Mercer Family Resource Center is now offering The Nurtured Heart Approach®, a relationship-focused strategy originally developed for working with children challenged behaviorally, socially and academically.

Shown to create a change in all children, The Nurtured Heart Approach® can be beneficial to families with children diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder and other behavioral, emotional and anxiety related symptoms.

Mercer Family Resource Center programs are proactive, impactful, and accessible to anyone in the community!

Serving youth and families in Natrona County since 1971! Mercer Family Resource Center provides education, counseling, and prevention services that build stronger and healthier youth and families in our community. We serve the community in the following ways: family/parenting education; early intervention for alcohol use and life skills; community connection, such as mentoring and case management; and environmental strategies for policy change and social norming. We serve nearly 3,000 families each year, in addition to the thousands of county residents we reach with our awareness campaigns.

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