Founded in 2002, the mission of the Natrona County Prevention Coalition (NCPC) is to prevent substance abuse by promoting healthy and positive choices.  NCPC is a collaboration of over 40 members made up from community agencies, business, and concerned citizens.  NCPC is responsible for conducting and holding multiple substance-free events for the community through the year.  Mercer Family Resource Center is the lead agency for NCPC and acts as the Coalition's fiscal agent. 

For more information contact the NCPC Chair: Whitney Lamb 307-233-4263.

NCPC Work:

  • Community Baby Shower event

  • After school programs

  • Substance-free education campaigns

  • Family Game Night

  • Local prevention strategies

  • Family Day (after the annual parade in July)

  • Natrona County 411 Facebook Page

  • Policies that promote healthy and positive communities

  • Celebrates drug-free businesses

Afterschool programs:

  • Funded through the 21st Century Community Learning Center federal grant - Cohorts 10 and 12

  • Provide a healthy and positive place for youth and children. Each center promotes learning and leadership, provides enrichment activities, and encourages family engagement.

  • Centers include:

    • Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming - Journey Elementary Branch

    • Casper Family YMCA - Cottonwood Elementary program

    • The Science Zone - Design Team middle school program and the Idea Lab high school program

    • VIBES Fine & Performing Arts- VIBES Tribe drumming middle school program

Youth Leadership programs:

Through the efforts of the Youth Empowerment Council and in coordination with NCPC's community needs assessment, youth in Natrona County are provided with alcohol-free and other drug-free events year round. 

NCPC Ongoing Subcommittees:

Family and Parenting:

  • Meets at 10 A.M. the 4th Thursday of the month at Mercer Family Resource Center.

  • Addresses the needs of Natrona County children, parents, and families.

  • Tasked with planning:

    • Family Game Night

    • Family Day

    • Community Baby Shower

Community Prevention Strategies Group:

  • Meets at 2 P.M. the last Wednesday of the month at Mercer Family Resource Center

  • Addresses substance abuse prevention throughout the community.