Tobacco Education

The Tobacco Education program offered at Mercer Family Resource Center is a research based comprehensive tobacco program that also addresses alternative tobacco products such as vaping. Our overall goal is to prevent tobacco use among adolescents. The program is designed to help adolescents:

  • Identify reasons people start using tobacco

  • Discover the nonuse of tobacco is normal behavior of adolescents

  • Practice skills for resisting peer pressure to use tobacco

  • Recognize the subtle and not-so-subtle messages in tobacco advertising

Begin the registration process now or call 307-265-7366 for more information:

***Enrollment is only complete when paperwork and payment have been received at Mercer Family Resource Center. Must be received 24hr before class.

Class Facilitators:

Justine Materi 307-265-7366

Class Details:

  • Pre-registration with a parent is required

  • 5 hour course split into two consecutive Thursday’s, 4-6:30pm

  • $45 fee