Something for Nothing

Something for Nothing is an 6-hour educational class/group for entry-level shop lifters in the Natrona County area. Something for Nothing curriculum is designed to both share information about shoplifting and related crimes and stimulate higher level thinking skills to correct behaviors.  The scope of the group’s process includes lecture, group discussion, videos, and many group activities.  Something for Nothing facilitators help determine how much study and research clients have put into the topic and encourage clients to determine consequences and personal assessments.

Begin the registration process now or call 307-265-7366 for more information:

***Enrollment is only complete when paperwork and payment have been received at Mercer Family Resource Center. Must be received 24hr before class.

Class Facilitator:

Lindsey Hall 307-233-4280

Class Details:

  • Pre-registration with a parent is required

  • Saturday day class from 9 am- 2pm

  • Lunch provided

  • $45 fee