Make Parenting a Pleasure® 

A comprehensive group-based curriculum. Parents learn the importance of taking care of themselves so they can better care for their children. Topics to be covered include self care, stress and anger management, understanding child development, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, listening skills, positive communication tools, child development, and positive approaches to discipline.

Class Details:

  • Parents and caregivers with children from birth to age eight

  • Seven week program

  • 6:00-7:30 pm

  • Snacks are provided

  • Pre-registration is required

  • $45 fee for individuals/ $70 fee for a couple includes all sessions and materials.

Upcoming class dates:

September 12, 19, 26 October 3, 10 , 17, 24 *Participants will need to attend all seven sessions.

Begin the registration process now or call 307-265-7366 for more information:

Class Facilitator:

***Enrollment is only complete when paperwork and payment have been received at Mercer Family Resource Center. Must be received 24hr before class.

Lisa Brown 307-233-4276

Parental Outcomes:

  1. Be familiar with community resources.

  2. Identify personal self-care strategies.

  3. Identify with individual causes and current symptoms of stress.

  4. Discuss and practice stress management skills.

  5. Identify a personal support system.

  6. Develop a personal anger management plan.

  7. Become more aware of their own nonverbal communication styles.

  8. Demonstrate quiet and active listening skills.

  9. Practice effective communication techniques with children.

  10. Understand the concept of child developmental stages.

  11. Understand discipline as a way to teach children how to self discipline themselves.

  12. Learn specific techniques that can help parents positively influence and direct their children's behavior.

  13. Learn constructive ways of dealing with specific problem behaviors of young children, such as biting, hitting, and tantrums.