Insight II

Insight II is a thought based approach to substance abuse education/early intervention.  The class promotes informed thinking, which leads to better decision making in the future. The class is designed for youth that have been charged with a minor in possession infraction, although no law enforcement referral/infraction is required for enrollment.

Why Insight II?

  • Teens resist being told what to think and feel; however, when presented with information, they are absolutely capable of making well reasoned, thought-based decisions.

  • Students are exposed to a well-researched and up-to-date curriculum that is presented through video formats, discussion, and listening carefully to what students have to say.

  • Teens are encouraged to think for themselves and weigh research and conclusions. Data is presented and it is the job of the student to digest and assimilate that data.

  • Insight II has been used in Natrona County for three decades and there is excellent research available to indicate that approach is successful with teens.

Class Details:

  • Pre-registration with a parent required

  • Fee $20 non-refundable

  • Three structured classes: Monday & Tuesday 4:00PM-6:15PM Wednesday 4:00PM-5:30PM

  • Held the first full week of the month

Class Facilitator:
Brittlynn Bulgrin 307-233-4277
To register call:  307-265-7366

Class Accomplishment:

“Over the course of the program, five risk factors and one protective factor all had large improvements in the scale scores from pre- to post-survey. This is the eighth year that a decrease in positive attitude toward drug use has been observed. In addition, the number of participants at risk for positive attitude toward drug use also decreased during the reporting period and over the last eight years. This strengthens the conclusion that the Insight II program is associated with a reduction in behaviors that are considered risky with regard to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use.”        ~WYSAC 2011 Annual Report

Class Topics:

  • The program includes both a pre- and post- test designed to show teens that they are competent, thinking, intelligent individuals.

  • Parents are a vital part of this process and are required to attend the first session for an introduction and a question/answer process.

  • Curriculum includes the topics: alcohol, nicotine/tobacco, and marijuana.