Corrective Thinking

Corrective Thinking is a course for teens 12- 18 who display criminal thinking patterns. This program is designed to enable your teen to recognize irresponsible thinking and give them the skills to make better choices in life.

Does your teen:

  • Manipulate and deceive others?

  • Have no respect for the rights and property of others?

  • Refuse to acknowledge harm to others?

  • Comply only for benefits?

  • Not learn from past mistakes?

  • Desire to control every situation?

  • Demand more of others than self?

  • Blame others for poor choices?

Class Details:

  • Pre-registration with a parent is required

  • 5 week course

  • Mondays from 4-5:45 P.M.

  • $45 Fee

Class Facilitator:

Lindsey Hall 307-233-4280
Shelby Flinn 307-233-4272

Begin the registration process now or call 307-265-7366 for more information:

***Enrollment is only complete when paperwork and payment have been received at Mercer Family Resource Center. Must be received 24hr before class.