Becoming a LOVE AND LOGIC Parent®

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® is a group-based curriculum.  This program addresses the daily challenges of raising responsible and respectful children.  Throughout this course parents will gain insight in how to effectively stop arguing, how to use empathy with your child to foster a strong relationship, and how to support your child in the joys and heartaches of making day-to-day decisions. Basic principles include: preserve and enhance the child's self-concept, teach children how to own and solve the problems they create, share the control and decision making, combine consequences with high levels of empathy and warmth and build the adult-child relationship.

Class details:

  • Parents and caregivers with children of any age

  • Seven week program

  • 6:00-7:30 pm

  • Snacks are provided

  • Intake appointment is required.

  • $45 fee for individuals/ $70 fee for a couple includes all sessions and materials.

Class Facilitator:

Lisa Brown 307-233-4276

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Class Topics:

  • The daily challenges of raising responsible, respectful children

  • How to neutralize arguments

  • Using empathy to foster a strong relationship

  • How to help children learn the joys and heartaches of making decisions

  • Setting boundaries

  • Appropriate discipline techniques